I’ll be the first one to say that when it comes to Summer and being outdoors, I’m the one who would throw on whatever’s lying on my floor, random flip flops, potentially the towel that I used for the shower that morning, old sunblock, a tennis ball and call it a day. Not the best strategy nor very prepared for a full day of fun in the sun. However, that has all changed when I discovered how cute and effortless beach essentials or sunshine-loaded picnics could be! From pools, to hikes, to just lounging on sandy beaches or grass, this guide has you covered. And the best part? It wont cost you an beautifully tanned arm and a leg to upgrade to these ultimate must-haves. #adulting.

Enjoy this summer essential guide that will last you well into the dog days and future summers to come!

From all the latest floaty treads, I love this little heart guy that doubles as a little pillow when relaxing in the sun. Easy to carry, blow up and store for all your beach or pool needs. ($18.00)


This may seem too good to be true, but it’s not folks. The perfect way to blast tunes is via Sunny Life’s portable, waterproof and sand proof speaker. ($49.00)


Can’t enjoy some fun in the sun without some Q, amirite? Vacances Portable Barbeque is one talented little powerhouse with its option to grill and smoke all your outdoor favorites. ($69.00)


Keep your favorite cocktails afloat with these little cuties (now on sale!). ($9.99 for the set)


Have some fun with your sunnies in these Instagram-worthy stunners. ($6.95)


Where can you keep all your outdoor essentials? In a tendy, handmade, pom-pom covered Moroccan tote, of course! ($62.00)


Lounging must be taken very seriously between the hours of sunrise to sunset and why not do it stylishly with custom, hand made round towels by Arrow & Heart? (68.20)


Summers are the best time to get some major reading checked off the list. This year there has been a variety of page turners that I’ve loved. Check out my summer reading guide but above, but The Vacationers tops the list as it puts in to perspective all the elements of the perfect summer drama. ($9.52)


Don’t miss a beat with this fab FujiFilm instant mini camera! Best for capturing moments to remember like cannonballing or cartwheeling. Just saying. ($64.00)


Staying hydrated is key to anything outdoors and this collapsible, reusable Platypus water pouch is the best way to drink up while not taking up too much room in your bag. ($16.95)

And there you have it! An easy way to upgrade your summer game with fun, affordable and trendy buys that will be sure to be (one of) the best part of your day!


Outdoor Fun cover image via bando.com