I think the hardest part of this DIY is choosing what to say! With literally endless options that I know I’ll be representing in my hair, I stuck to a simple monogram + friendly gesture. But go crazy! Ohhh… maybe “Go Crazy” will be next…

Anyway, with little ingredients for these pins (most of which you could find around your house!), here are some tips for creating the best wordy hair pins around.






Here’s what you need:

  • Letters: metal, plastic and any size or color
  • Paint: nail polish or spray paint
  • Glue: any super glue
  • Hair Pins: Bobby Pins are best
  • Nail file: a coarse file is best
  1. I used scrapbooking letters since they’re usually sticky on the back and I wanted to make sure placement on the hair pin was exactly where I wanted it before glueing.
  2. Once you know what you’re going to say, place the letters backwards facing down.
  3. If you used plastic scrapbooking letters, you may have to file the bottoms where they were attached.
  4. Then dab some super glue horizontally across them.
  5. Place the letters evenly across your lined up letters, one at a time (the easiest way).
  6. Press firmly on the pin in the glue and blow lightly to firm (I used the cap of the super glue so my fingers didn’t get stuck!).
  7. Once secured, take nail polish or spray paint in your chosen color and apply all over pin. I used nail polish for the leverage of a small brush and it dries fast with a light glass.
  8. Set aside to dry and you’re done!

A helpful tip I learned a long time ago having messed around with super glue a lot: if you get super glue on your skin, use your coarse nail file and lightly file it off. It will remove the top layer of the glue pretty quickly!

Once you have all your pins, I would make sure they can separate so you can put through your hair easily.

And there you have it! What are you going to say?


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