A great way to prepare for Spring (besides purging of clutter), is by smudging. We used to do it a lot in the transition of seasons when I was younger– so I’m a little biased– but I do believe it can rid a space or object of negative energy. It also makes the perfect gift and is super simple to make!

While I’ve made a lot of different smudge sticks in the past, one of my favorites is a dried wildflower bundle. If you want to smudge in Spring, this is the most beautiful way to do it! Make sure to include one of the essential cleansing ingredients– sage, cedar or lavender as well as hardy wildflowers that dry well. Some include HydrangeaArtemisiaLove in the Mist NigellaLarkspurStatice (pictured above), CelosiaBaby’s BreathLavenderSea HollyYarrowStrawflowerGlobe AmaranthBachelor’s ButtonAstilbe and Roses (pictured above).


  • 1 bouquet of wildflowers, your choice; makes 2 small smudge sticks or 1 thick one
  • Sage, cedar or lavender
  • Twine, thin rope or string
  • Scissors


  1. Once your ingredients are prepared, make sure to dry out the flowers for about 1 week. You don’t want them bone dry or they will crumble when you bunch them.
  2. When your flowers are dry and you’re ready to bundle them, bunch them into a bouquet in your hand and trim the stems leaving about 1 inch to the first flower.
  3. Arrange your bouquet for tying. Note, this is where you can get creative with your smudge stick arrangement. Play with the positioning of loose buds, layer petals over the stems, etc. This was when you wrap your smudge stick, the layers of flowers will stay put.
  4. When you’re ready to wrap, on an open table take your string (the length is up to you!), and evenly place your bundle in the middle of the string leaving even lengths on both sides. Start with one side and start tightly wrapping around the bundle.
  5. Continue with the other side crisscrossing and overlapping the other string all the way around.
  6. Both strings should end up back at the bottom of your stems.
  7. Tie them together tightly.

And there you have it! Your own smudge stick! When you’re ready to light up, make sure you have a burn bowl to catch any loose droppings when the stick burns. Whether you choose to walk around a room or place your stick in a bowl in one place, you’ll need a shell, plate or bowl to make sure all is safe.

Light It Up

When lighting your smudge stick, start from the top and light the tip. Let it burn for a few seconds and blow the flame out gently. Note, sage can become airborne pretty quickly so really be careful! If you’re walking around a room, stay put until you feel the energy shift and continue on. When finished, leave it burning in a bowl occasionally redirecting smoke to fill a space.

When to Smudge 


  • When moving into a new home, flat or room.
  • When you want to cleanse the energy from a particular place or object.
  • When feeling depressed, anxious, or otherwise unusual (with low ‘spirtual’ energy).
  • When needing to focus energy or thoughts.
  • Before sleep to prevent nightmares.
  • When needing to relax in general.

I hope this brings a lot of positive energy as we transition into a new season!


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