I think it’s safe to say my green thumb has spread to all ten fingers at this point. I feel there is nothing that completes a home more than having plants neatly placed in the nooks where the sun is always shining. #ChefAdrian and I have quite the collection of plants gathered over the years either inherited from family, passed down from home to home, saved from alley dumpsters (true story) or complete impulse buy because I didn’t want to leave a plant homeless (another true story). All in all, we have 22 plants– big and small, all different colors and textures, touching the ceiling or reaching across our bookshelf. They’re apart of our family and we have grown (pun intended) to make sure they live the best life indoors.

While we ensure every plant is maintained and is getting the proper care, we also select plants that are some-what low maintenance. Below is our entire jungle family, how we care for them and where you can find a greenling of your own!

Information provided by The Plant Encyclopedia

  1. Aeonium Succulent  | Despite what you may hear, succulents are tricky plants to care for. Depending on the species, they need very specific care including water amounts, soil and sun light. Aeoniums have proven to be the easiest of the bunch and we keep them on a windowsill that gets medium light, watering lightly once a week.
  2. Ferocactus Cactus | One of the lowest maintenance plants to own is a cactus. With the majority of their soil made up of sand, they can survive on very little water but make sure to keep in direct sunlight. We have little potted cacti all over our house. And in so many shapes and colors its easy to find the perfect fit.
  3. Aloe Vera | I’m shocked at how quickly out Aloe plant grew. With it’s spiky arms, it loves the sun. We water heavily, once a week.
  4. Madagascar Dragon Tree | These are the plants you can pick up at Ikea for $1.99 each. We have three because they are so full and festive. Our largest is 10 years old, over 12 feet tall, with three support poles and reaches across our bay windows. Best in indirect sun, water heavily once a week.
  5. Parlour Palm | The fullest of our plants, these guys are so easy to care for! But note, their roots go deep, so a larger pot is recommended.
  6. Money Tree | Another purchase from Ikea, I bought this along with all my dorm furniture when I moved to the city. Currently over six feet tall, it will thrive in direct sunlight where it’s warmer. Drastic climate change or drop in temperatures will kill it very quickly.
  7. Ponytail Palm | This was my grandfather’s. He loved ponytail palms and now every family member has one of his. The large bulbous trunk can grow tall and leaves will sprout like a fountain. Make sure to trim the leaves down to the stems once a year.
  8. Snake Plant | I love our snake plant. One of the newest members of our family, I’m shocked at how little water and sunlight it needs. These too can grow super large and will need to be repotted once a year.
  9. Rubber Tree Plant | There are many types of ficus out there. I was drawn to our Rubber Tree because of its beautiful purple hues. We keep in our front window where the sun is the strongest and water once a week.
  10. Lime Tree | Our latest addition, we wanted to try growing our own fruit. We use limes in almost everything so it was the perfect fit. Now on its second blossom, we are expecting over 20 limes! It needs lots of light and watered twice a week.
  11. Dumb Cane | #ChefAdrian rescued our Dumb Cane from a dumpster and nursed it back to health. The stem and grow in an “S” shape, so extra support will be required. Also, these plant species are extremely toxic to pets! Keep in indirect sunlight and water lightly once a week.
  12. Pothos | Secretly, this is my favorite of them all. Pothos can live fully submerged in water, grow quickly and extremely long. I inherited this from my parents and it was purchased when I was first born. That means its 26 years old…

While you can pick up many of these at Home Depot or a garden store, our favorite place to find a range of species and extremely helpful staff is at Gethsemane Garden Center in Andersonville, Chicago. With a year-round, heated green house you can find a variety of healthy young or old plants for a great price.

This spring, we’re adding five more plants to our jungle, so stay tuned for an update!

Happy planting,



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