It’s been eight months since I bought my Pixel Eyewear computer glasses. Since then, I’ve been an (obvious) advocate of the many advantages and the tremendous benefits they’ve provided my eyes! Even after the first week, I saw the reduction of terrible headaches, blurriness and tired eyes– just from wearing these lovely, stylish glasses. Who knew?

After my first pair, I’ve been running my mouth to everyone I know in front of a computer screen to jump on this train and get Pixel’s glasses to better their eyesight during long screen time, help improve their vision and sleep better at night! A few of my coworkers and fans here are #truebelievers and can vouch for Pixel’s impressive product.

Meet my Pixel team and find out why they love their glasses too!

Alexandra D.

“I thought headaches, fatigued eyes and blurred vision came with the territory of staring at a computer for 8+ hours a day. I thought they were things I would have to deal with for the rest of my career. However, after using Pixel Eyewear for a week, I noticed that all of these issues completely disappeared! I also love that the glasses are fashionable, so I don’t have to sacrifice my personal style for physical comfort. Thank you Pixel Eyewear for making a perfect solution for my tired eyes!”

Matt R.

“Having blue eyes, I’ve always been a bit sensitive to light. Add corneal erosion on top of that and it can sometimes feel like a laser light show in my eyes no matter what the environment. Pixel eyewear knocks all that harsh light down a peg or two, allowing me to see a whole lot clearer with a lot less strain. As an added bonus, it also makes me feel calmer. So now the only anxiousness I feel is from a looming deadline, not from what’s in my eyeline.”

Zane B.

“After starting a new job where I interact with screen for 12 or more hours every day, I started to lose sleep and felt my eyes becoming more and more tired. I needed to be well rested to perform at work, so I was searching for something to help my situation. When I learned about the great technology that Pixel Eyewear incorporates into their lenses, I was immediately hooked. I started sleeping better and felt my eyes were more energized throughout the day after using the glasses for just a few days. Thanks Pixel Eyewear!”

Are you experiencing similar symptoms during work hours? I highly encourage you check out the benefits for yourself! Get a special discount on your first pair using my discount code TMI5 when you check out. Already have a pair? Share the love and let me know what you think in the comments below!


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