It’s a crazy story, really.

We’ve been living with my parents since we’ve moved to Charleston six months ago and far from our year mark when we would feel more comfortable looking for homes of our own. However, this house landed in our laps and there was no way we were going to pass it up!

Here’s how it all happened.

Back when we were staying on Seabrook Island for mine and my brothers birthday, Kelly Bailey-Wilburn of NextHomes approached us at Firefly Distillery with Frenchie-shaped magnets since we had #SassySofie and #FrankieTheFrenchie with us. Coincidentally, #ChefAdrian had also already reached out to our bank to get pre-approved for a loan, just to see what we could qualify for once we decided to look at homes.

Weeks later, we reached back out to Kelly just to see what homes were on the market as we Knew Spring is a hot time to sell. Within days Kelly had us set up and sent us two listings. One of which was the sweetest little house on a corner lot, recently renovated and perfectly located in a cute neighborhood on Johns Island. This was the second listing Kelly sent us #ChefAdrian was immediately interested. I, however, wasn’t in love with it at first but the house kept popping back in my mind.

Once I shared the house with my mom, she insisted we drive over and snoop around to look at the property and neighborhood. So, on a Sunday afternoon, we loaded up the pups and drove over. That’s when it all changed for me.

I fell in love. Hard.

The property itself is covered in bushes, trees and completely wooded in the back perfectly surrounding a fire pit. Not being able to go inside, we could still see through the windows the recent renovation to all the rooms, especially the kitchen with a beautiful stone fireplace and shiplap. It was perfect.

Within minutes, the amount of text messages and calls to #ChefAdrian while he was golfing about this house was unreal. We had found our house–he was right– it was exactly what we had wanted.

I then contacted Kelly to see the house that evening. Only being on the market at a lower price for two days meant it was not going to be around long. So, at 5:30 we saw the house, we loved it more than expected, I cried the whole time and wanted to put an offer on it the second we got home. Kelly insisted we get the paperwork in that night to get ahead of other contracts that would come in Monday morning. It was a great thing she did!

Monday morning, we got the call– the seller countered. We negotiated for 30 minutes until we reached an agreement and by 11 a.m. We were new home owners. I was so overwhelmed with emotion, stress, excitement, fear.

It all came together in less than two days and if it wasn’t for Kelly acting so quickly and being on top of her game, we would have never gotten this house.

Over the next couple of weeks we learned as the process went along. Not knowing anything about buying a house, Kelly was always there coaching, sharing advise and keeping us on track– even pushing up our close date!

Which is today. Today, we close on our house and we can’t be more happy and excited to have a space of our own that we adore.

There is so much more to come when we move in, decorate, update and start living on Johns Island and I can’t wait to share our journey! Here’s to many more memories with our little family in the South.


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