When I asked #ChefAdrian what he wanted to do for Valentine’s Day it was the usual answer– I don’t know, what do you want to do?

I wanted to do what we always do. Drinks before at one place and dinner somewhere else– it’s our favorite. Two places for one night, you can take in all the different energy, atmosphere and cross two new places off your list at once! While we’re planning on a game day decision for our date night extravaganza, #ChefAdrian and I put together our favorite list of drink and dinner parings in Charleston that would work for any date night! Best part? All these duos are walkable from each other!

Oh and hey, if you’re looking for a fun outfit for your drink and dinner pairing, shake it up with bold mixed patterns with effortless, simple and comfortable staples like this wrap skit and super soft striped long sleeve.

Happy dining!