As the only home store in Lincoln Square, I was drawn to Homesoul‘s unique selection of interior accessories. While speaking with Dana Weed, owner of Homesoul, it was very clear she had a passion for interior design and the desire to create warm, inviting environments. The idea was born after pursuing an Interior Design degree at the late Harrington College of Design and after changing directions, she decided to open a shop of her own.

Opening in October of 2012 in Lincoln Square, the name “home soul” represents that desire to create a space that reflects our inner selves – an empty house is just a house, but when we begin to fill it with special memories, people and the things we love, that’s what truly makes the “soul” of a place. With Homesoul, Dana envisioned a place where people can find beautiful things, both new and old, to bring that sense of warmth and character into their homes.

Besides home decor, Homesoul is the go-to for buying gifts–whether for a wedding, birthday, house warming party, or to treat yourself, the hand-selected merchandise if truly one of a kind. Which leads me to their candles– which, if you know me, this is totally my sweet spot and have bought an array of– Homesoul’s wide variety and selection of artisan candles are their top seller which include, Gabriel John candles, which are made in Andersonville.

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If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift– look no further! I highly recommend popping in to explore all the unique items Homesoul has to offer. You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.