28 on 28! Nothing like a golden birthday to spice up the week! As my blog is still fairly new (2 years today!), I figured there is a lot you might not know about me. So here are 28 personal things to get to know me better!

  1. I collect rosaries and matches (combined my collection when I met Adrian).
  2. I have 2 tattoos, which I’ve designed and plan on 6 more, which need to be symmetrically placed on my body.
  3. I received a fine art scholarship to attend  Columbia College Chicago, but changed my major three times: Fine Art, to Musical Theater, finally Art Diction with a Double Major in Art History… then landed a job in Account Management in Advertising. 
  4. The second I met Adrian in 2011, I knew I was going to marry him (I swear!). We both were in relationships, but we moved in together 2 weeks after meeting each other and the rest is history. 
  5. My style icons are Leandra Medine, Iris Apfel and Jenna Lyons. I like eclectic, forward thinking styles that trend on the avant-garde side.
  6. My eyelashes ARE real, but very blonde and have no definition without the help of my favorite mascara, L’Oréal Voluminous in Carbon Black.
  7. #ChefAdrian and I got married in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin where I basically grew up spending most all weekends and time off at my grandparents lake house.
  8. When I turn the volume up or down on anything, I HAVE to do it in numerals of 5.
  9. Disco is my favorite music. I don’t like Reggae. I just don’t, let it go.  
  10. My favorite sport is hockey.
  11. When I was younger, I used to glue extensions in my hair for many years. I now attribute my fine, thin hair to all I lost doing that.
  12. I only listen to Britney Spears when I workout.
  13. I still aspire to be a professional singer.
  14. I have a hump at the top of spine and the back of my neck which I have appropriately named “Humpdy”.  
  15. My favorite number is 8 (“Turn it on its side it means infinity”).
  16. I can’t snap my fingers to save my life.
  17. I am the clumsiest person. I drop several things a day and also run into door frames, staircases, corner of tables, corner or the bed frame and basically anything that would give me a bruise.
  18. I have a terrible habit of picking my cuticles.
  19. I am now allergic to added sulfates in cheap wine. Figures.
  20. If I hadn’t pursed advertising, I would love to be a Horticulturist or Botanist. Flowers, plants and other green thumb matters fascinate me. That, or an Astrologer.
  21. I would get a massage every week if I could afford it.
  22. I am so gullible. Tell me anything and I will believe it.
  23. I hate anything to do with numbers. I still add and subtract on my fingers.
  24. Despite what my resume says, I’m not the best multitasker. I have to be really focused and complete each task one by one.
  25. I only wear Levi’s high waisted denim. I figure, you can always tuck something in or leave it out while still feeling like you’re wearing spanx.
  26. When looking for tops, blouses or sweaters, I try to buy anything that doesn’t require a bra. I hate wearing bras.
  27. Despite loving fashion and clothes, I’d rather be naked 100% of the time.
  28. I love smoking cigars. My mom always did with her dad, shared it with me and now Adrian and I share the love together.

So there you have it! 28 things that give you a little bit more about who I am and the things I’m looking forward to in life… for the most part.

Here’s to 28 more!


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