Well, this year was a doozy.

For whatever reason, as I sit here typing, all the moments of negativity and frustration are coming to the surface from 2018. While each day will never be sunshine and rainbows– and I will never make it seem as such– there has been so much change in 2018 and it was all for the good and some for the bad.

I’m not sure if my negativity relates to the political disappointments, suicides and shootings, my unreasonable weight gain, loosing my job– or a combination of it all. Either way, 2018 was a an unbelievable rollercoaster that taught me a lot about myself including, but not limited to: personal limits, how others can perceive me, emotional thresholds, stress bandwidth, the value of alone time, what I really need to be happy and put that in place, along with going with the flow (which has never been that easy for me).

I read my reflections post from last year and what I had hoped to accomplish in 2018 and to be honest, I was disappointed. I didn’t reach all my goals, I didn’t do everything I really wanted to focus on and that’s a tricky spot to be in as a human. While we can’t do it all, I do want 2019 be the year of accomplishment so I don’t have to sit here and feel disappointed in myself again.

This all might sound horribly sad, but there were some major moments this year that shined out all the rest:

  • HELLOOOO– We moved to Charleston! (HUGE!).
  • I had my magical Disco Golden Birthday + The TMI Blog turned two!
  • Traveled to new destinations: Tulum, St. Louis, Milwaukee and Kentucky.
  • Traveled back to our favorite places: Charleston (6 times for me!), Michigan, Colorado and Wisconsin.
  • Celebrated more best friends bachelorettes and weddings (the best times!).
  • I #PinkHairDontCare’d it, again.
  • I did more new adventures on my own in Chicago in three months than my entire life living there: museums, art exhibits, new restaurants, walking paths, parks, galleries and historical landmarks.
  • I was able to be there for friends in a way I never helped before.
  • I went to a slew of interviews, found on my own (not knowing anyone) and feeling extremely confident in my career experience for the first time.
  • I stayed up for a full 24 hours for the first time helping five nonprofits.
  • Celebrated out first Holidays as Charleston residents.

Setting Goals

2019 will be great because I plan on making it that way. There are already some exciting new adventures in the works, but what I really want to focus on:

  • My health and finding a balance with food and exercise. I’ve never struggled more with this than in 2018 using food and alcohol as a crutch for my unhappiness at work and not making time to exercise.
  • Save all the money! 2019 will be a big year to get our permanent home plans up and running, so we’re definitely doing less spending and more saving.
  • Waking up happy and not immediately focus on the negative. I think this will help with my anxiety and stress. Remembering: it will all be okay.
  • Spending less time on my phone and being more present with loved ones. While I do use my phone for my blog, I no longer what to fill empty space with checking social media. It just doesn’t matter in the end.
  • Meditation has always been something I have been curious about and I’d like to incorporate that into our weekends, maybe on Sunday’s to go to bed feeling relaxed, focused and less anxious.

That’s it! Probably a more emotional post that I had intended but this is The TMI Blog after all! I hope you are also reflecting on your last year and planning some goals for 2019 as well. I think it’s important for all of us to check in with who we are, how we feel and where we want to be at the year mark and no better time to resent then New Years!

Cheers to a promising 2019,