From “pink hair, don’t care”, to tons of travel, 2017 was a growing year, but I know it can only get better from here!

My best friends got married, I traveled to nine states (for business + pleasure), I spent a great deal of time up in Pure Michigan with special people, The TMI Blog turned one, I dyed my hair pink, I hiked a mountain, my parents moved to Charleston, I laughed, I learned and grew as a person.

I also cried (a lot), I lost people I love, I gained 30 pounds, I’m back on medication for anxiety, I discovered a new allergy to red wine (yes, #reallife), I didn’t spend as much time with #ChefAdrian and #SassySofie as I wanted to and work was too crazy to express.

2017 was nuts. And to be honest, I didn’t love it. But I’m feeling optimistic about 2018.

As I sit here, staring at all the snow fall, I realize it’s our last cold winter in Chicago. We’re moving to Charleston this year. #ChefAdrian and I are celebrating our five year wedding anniversary this year and taking our honeymoon trip. I turn 28– my golden birthday! I get to start over. Start a new job, meet new people, discover a new city, reunite with my family in the same state and actually start a new chapter of our lives. Not to mention, more travel, more celebrations of love and friendships, more blogging with better content, more opportunities to extend my brand and help others.

So, I’m declaring this year: The Year of Moderation. Good things in small amounts:

– Less alcohol, more water.

– Less laying, more doing.

– Less over eating, more smart choices.

– Less me, more others.

– Less stress, more clarity.

I’m excited to get focused, restart my creativity and plan for a great year ahead! Thank you to everyone who reads and supports me in this journey.

Happy New Year!

// TMI