You don’t fix something that isn’t broken, right? I can happily say that applies to my skincare routine– one that has worked for almost 10 years. I want it to be easy, fairly inexpensive but also effective. Did it take some time to figure it out and test the best products for me? Of course. It’s not a routine if you didn’t fail and retry a few products to get it right. Also, all skin is not created equal. I have fair, sensitive skin (with several, pesty blackheads) that dries out like crazy in the winter but stays oilier in the summer (oh, I am a sweater!)– so how do you strike a balance without breaking the bank? Start at your local drugstore. I’ve been buying my skincare products from Walgreens for a long time. I love that they’re always stocked but I can also get all items somewhere else if needed as well.

1. Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub, Oil-Free, $6.99

love this scrub. so. much. It’s creamy, not too harsh and always leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated. I switch it up between the oil-free and regular option depending on the season. I do a light scrub every night to clear the grime from the day.


2. Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment, Oil-Free, $8.79

I’ve been using this Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment serum since my first pimple. However, now, I use it after my scrub all over my face and heavier in my breakout areas, like a toner, so I get an even treatment. For me, I always get the oil-free option since I sleep in it and I like how this dries.


3. Trader Joe’s Nourish Antioxidant Facial Serum, $17.99

My dad got me hooked on Trader Joe’s skincare products since he started working there 10 years ago. This is by far one of my favorites given it’s super light, silky texture and bursts of antioxidant beads– I swear it feels like you’re wearing nothing. It’s so luxurious! I put this on in the morning after a light face wash, prior to lotion.


4. Trader Joe’s Enrich SPF 15 Broad Spectrum Face Lotion, $11.38

SPF needs to be worn at. all. times. no exceptions. Enrich lotion is the perfect size, light lotion dries nice and doesn’t have a heavy sunscreen smell. I apply this after the serum before my foundation.


5. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, $9.99 (on sale!)

Ohhhh Bio-Oil, where do I start? Since my first stretch mark, I turned to Bio-Oil and got wayyy more than I expected. I apply this on every dark spot, scar, cuticle, roughness on my heels and my legs. It’s lavender scent is magical, I swear I would take a bath in it if I could. Also, it’s great for traveling since it can be applied in so many ways!


6. Studio 35 Beauty Dead Sea Mineral Deep Cleansing Mask, 3/$4.00 or 1/$1.99

Every month, I do a mask to hydrate and refresh my face. The Studio 35 Beauty masks are my favorite because it’s the perfect amount and has a divine texture. There are several to choose from, but after all the sun, to achieve maximum radiance I use the Dead Sea Mineral Deep Cleansing mask to help cool and sooth my face, while cleaning and preserving. These are also perfect for girls night in (paired with pizza and pino, of course!).


And there you have it! The full TMI skincare routine. Eventually (like, tomorrow), I will introduce anti-ageing products to mix within the bunch (I SEE YOU WRINKLE!) to round out my #adultness but wont stray to far from this course. It’s gotten me this far right?

What are some of your favorite drug store skin products? Share in the comments below!


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