Better late than never! This has been a draft post for a while and I’m finally getting around to sharing some celebration about my now three year old blog– how crazy!

Since the launch of The TMI Blog three years ago, my content has definitely changed and ripened. What was weekly “Links of The Week” and outfit after outfit post, has evolved to more of a platform of my life—struggles and successes— leaning on fun trends where it makes sense for me.

Finding time to do more thoughtful posts has been more time consuming so frequency has also shifted even though there is so much I want to post about more often.

Since I also launched my blog on my birthday, there always something to talk about as I grown with my blog. Now living in a new state, culture and way of life, here are some things I’m focusing on for my blog in the coming year.


  1. Local brand partner. With all the amazing local small businesses in Charleston, I’m working to hook up and partner with places that could benefit us both!
  2. Facelift. A little refresh and reorg for the look and feel of this space has been on my mind given other plans are in the works [coming soon]!
  3. Content and design. Words are great and all, but what are ways to elevate these letters on a page? As a graphic designer by trade, I feel I should being doing more to keep my content fresh, exciting and more editorial. Especially with a new look on my Instagram, I was to find a way to make it all cohesive.

There’s so much more to come and very excited to share new things happening! Thanks for following along.

// TMI