With so much life happening right now–taking in all the good with the bad– it has become so easy to pass by so many small moments that can truly make us happy– even if it’s for a few short seconds. As I approach turning another year older, I’ve been really taking advantage of all these little pieces of life that make me smile and keep me happy. Here are a few that maybe you can love too.


The smell of Adrian’s cologne the next day.

A great morning stretch.

The instant rush of all the good feelings after an intense workout.

Seeing something new for the first time.

When Sofie takes a deep breath and exhales super soft.

The hug of a good friend.

The smell of real fresh air. I smelled this in Colorado. I couldn’t believe how fresh the air was.

Not wearing a bra. I’m serious about this.

The sound of wine being poured.

Crying at the sight of waves in Carmel, California. 

The weight of a blanket.

When you make your coffee just right.

A really good cry. I do this often. I’m a very emotional person.

The dancing light of our candles.

Making something right in yours or someone else’s life.

Giving a special gift to a loved one.

Getting your hands dirty.

The sound of rain. I just miss the rain.

Remembering an old memory. I have a terrible memory so this is really special to me when it happens.

Clean sheets that still smell like you.

Knowing you are loved.

With all my love, TMI