Fall is approaching(!) and during this time my mind shifts to the best way to take in the season. Besides all the fashion finds, cider comes into view and I immediately want to get my hands on the tastes of the season. I’m rounding up all my favorites to start sipping before the leaves start to fall (get it!?).

Pale gold, bordering on faded yellow, the Semi-Sweet from Seattle Cider Co. gives up the bubble on pouring; effervescent, but no so sparkled. A sweet, fresh picked apple aroma dominates this cider, which was produced primarily with culinary apples. Drink this allll Fall long!
It’s typical lightness and elegance make Christian Drouin Poire a traditional drink in the Normandy. Its fine bubbles are naturally produced in the bottle. With its delicate marriage of crips acidity and discreet sweetness Poire is both refreshing and festive. I would enjoy Christian Drouin Poire served chilled in a champagne flute, as an aperitif.
Clear, very light straw with no head but quite some bubbles. Lots of sweet apple juice with a nice amount of tartness, some apple skins dry white wine and mineral notes, but mostly just apple. Light bodied and medium dry. Definitely a nice choice for light eating. 
Rekorderlig Pear Hard Cider’s taste is bursting with the delicious flavor of ripe summer pears combined with a tart kick of carbonation to tickle your throat on the way down. Rekorderlig Pear Hard Cider is the perfect choice to refresh yourself with a sweet, crisp and refreshing drink on a warm Fall day. 
Clear champagne yellow with off-white head. Aromas and tastes of apples, white wine, light pear. Light body with a dry finish. If you’re looking for a more dryer cider, I’d go for this!
We’ve already started to stock our fridge for cooler Summer nights as we transition to a new season! Besides home drinking, there are some really great cider bars to enjoy this now popular drink of choice:
  1. The Northman just opened in North Center and is the first true cider bar in Chicago. Expect massive crowds and a long wait– but it is so worth it! Knowledgable serves can help you pair your food with the perfect cider.
  2. The Bad Apple is a great option if you don’t have the patience for the wait at The Northman since it’s right down the street! It has always been known for its delicious variety of pub food and massive beer selection, so sure enough you’ll find the perfect cider here as well.
  3. Fountainhead is also around the corner from The Northman on Montrose and has a great cider selection to enjoy in front of their fireplace or upstairs on their rooftop.
  4. Hop Leaf is a Chicago staple at this point. Located in Andersonville, it’s a short distance from North Center and you’ll be joined by the masses since it’s such a local spot with a great vibe.

Enjoy planning your festivities for Fall, which should include lots of cider sipping!