Here we are! 2019! It’s my first post into the new year and it only feels appropriate for it to be about staying on track with the goals I’ve set forth. With 20 days down of the 365, I definitely needed to sit in my resolutions for a couple of weeks to make sure I was truly dedicated to them. This is when I turned to some awesome apps to help me stay on track!

If you’re still truckin on those goals like I am, congrats! We’ve made it past Quitters Day– the day of the year where the average person says bye-bye-bye to all those resolutions they put in place. If you’ve been following along, I wasn’t too enthused with 2018 which only means better things could come from a new year. Righting wrongs, course correcting, learning from mistakes and venture into the unknown. Along with the worst hangover I’ve ever had, those were the profound statements I woke up with on the first day of 2019. In addition to specific resolutions I want to work hard to keep this year, I added another one to the mix: dry January. As we’re mid-way through the month, I will report back with my findings (hint: alcohol is poison).

This all being said, I spent time researching apps we could use to help us complete our goals this year. After a couple of weeks, we’ve implemented them into our routine and continue to use them daily. Tried and tested, I’m leaning on these digital tools to help me complete a positive 2019.

We’re saving money without even thinking about it. We were inspired by this app from our Keep The Change program with Bank of America. I hate it’s taken us this long to even find this app! I love the custom buckets to save for short or long term goals with no-hassle adjustments at any time. In addition to breaking down our expenses in Excel, this is truly a game changer.

This really pairs with the #SaveMoreMoney goal for this year and we actually started using it when I lost my job and #ChefAdrian was out of work when we first moved to Charleston. While we didn’t have insurance we didn’t have to worry about all our prescriptions spiking in costs. Even if saving money isn’t a goal of yours, everyone should use this app!

I’m still testing this app, but I’m loving the easy and user friendly workouts that range from 7 – 30 minute sessions with different focus areas, training videos and countdown clocks. Plus, it syncs with the iOS Health App, so tracking my overall daily activity is great to have all in one place.

We’ve always used a sound app at night– especially when we get the #SundayScaries, but Breeth takes it it up a notch with free sound sessions and guided meditation. While I’m still working on scheduling that in on my Sundays, I’m glad I found an app we both love.

Supercharging my Instagram posts have never been easier with this app! Since one of my goals was to spend less time on my phone this year and stay present, Plann is a game changer. P.s. Notice something different on The TMI Blog profile? I’m testing out a new aesthetic for the page– hope you like it!

What are you guys doing to keep you resolutions and goals for this year? Send me DM, comment or email– I’d love to learn about what else you’re doing to stay focused!

Here’s to another day forward!