It’s been such an amazing year so far and while I am most thankful for my life, family and friends all year ’round, there are some special call outs that have especially made this year extra special…

My Husband

Thankful for every second we are together and the progress we have made as a couple this year. I’m also so proud of you for crossing off a major item on your life list this year: becoming an American citizen. In what has been the most politically exhausting year, this has never made me more thankful for you and obtaining these freedoms and rights.

My Freedom

I voted for the first time this year. I’ve never felt more strongly about an opinion regarding politics, but with all the uproar, hatred and confusion surrounding our country at this time, I feel blessed to call this country home and live freely with the friends, family and possibilities I love most.

My Parents

They made a massive decision this year. Deciding to move out of a home they’ve raised my brother, myself, countless little ones in home daycare for 26 years is a very large decision for the head and the heart. However I’m thankful they are moving to a place where they’ll be able to hit the restart and refresh button to enjoy time and life in a new state, new community and new lifestyle.

My Health

It has been a trying year with so many waves of health scares, anxiety attacks and body pain that it’s amazing to think of how it could get worse with each passing year. But I’m thankful for those who have shown major support, treatment options and encouragement to keep moving forward. It means more than you know.

My Blog

Oh yes. Very thankful for this platform to express my love for creating, writing and sharing with all of you. Thankful I have the right to do this they way, how and when I want as it truly fulfills a need and desire I crave daily. Thank you for the support and following along!

Have the best Thanksgiving with all your loved ones!


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