Lately, I’ve been extremely drawn to fun, dangly details likes fringe, ruffles, pom pom puffs and tassels– they just seem to add a playful touch to any shoe, purse or sweater alike!

My Pinterest boards and my horoscope is a huge testament to this and while I’ve been going a little nuts, it seems I am not alone. With my new obsession, there are definitely some fun DIY’s I’m planning (stay tuned!), but in the meantime, I’ve wrangled up my favorite inspirations so you too can add some flavor to your favorite pieces this summer!

  1. The Tassel Tote | Oh what fun this is! For farmers market shopping, a daily work bag or to hold your beach day essentials, this DIY is a total winner via Honestly WTF.
  2. Embroidered Fringe Pillow | Can you believe how simply stunning this is? I can’t. Well, now I can because I’m going to do this to all my throws.
  3. Fringe Denim | You’ve seen this everywhere. Denim is such a fun medium to add the perfect amount of distress and update it to a whole new look or piece. This DIY (again from Honestly WTF– I LOVE her!) is simple but makes a huge statement!
  4. Tassel Beaded Bracelete | I love the white beads with a pop of color!
  5. Oversized Statement Necklace | This is undoubtedly the coolest (and easiest) statement necklace to claim as your own design. So many options!
  6. Tassel Bookmarks | For you of the reader in your life, I love how large these are– best way to find your page and love how they dangle out of the book for added flare.
  7. Fringe T-Shirt | Okay, so this isn’t exactly a DIY but how easy would it be to trim a whit T and ad a layer of fringe?
  8. Rope Belt | The perfect summer accessory that can go with anything! And super easy to do!
  9. Pom-Pom Napkin Rings | Set a playful mood at your next gathering by setting these stunners out!
  10. Beach Bag | All. The. Rage. is really all I can say.
  11. Pom-Pom and Tassel Statement Piece | Best of both worlds!
  12. Throw Pillow | If you are puppy-free (of have a very well-behaved one!) then this tutorial is for you!
  13. Polka-Dot Pom Balloons | How freaking cute are these?! I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before!
  14. Leather Fringe Clutch | Honestly WTF strikes again! This time around, it’s the quickest way to take advantage of this trend. Try it in different colors too!

Didn’t I say this is the ultimate guide? While I’ve checked only a few off this list, it will sure get you a head start on all the fun and playful dangles that are pom-poms, fringe, tassels and puffs! I would love to see what you make or if there are any other ones you’ve done that aren’t listed here. Share below or with #TMITrends!