Falling for Kentucky

Hey ya’ll! Straight from Kentucky, I’m sharing a comfy cozy outfit that has all those Fall sunset vibes. 

Throw Back To Fall

I think in 2016 we had the most amazing Fall in Chicago to date. It was lengthy, warm, beautiful– every single thing you want out of Fall came to life. That’s why I want to take a moment and throw it back to these beautiful beach days in Michigan when the leaves were burnt with … Continue Reading

Maximize Your New Years Eve Potential

Does anyone else get a little panicky around New Years? The pressure curate the perfect night, with all the right people you want to surround yourself with to say goodbye to another year? Maybe it’s just me, but the anxiety sure does kick in at the end of each year and the last thing I want to stress … Continue Reading

The Perfect (and Procrastinated) Thanksgiving Outfit

If you’re like me, you haven’t thought through about what to wear for Thanksgiving– family first, right? Well if you are either attending a first time Thanksgiving with a new s/o, the usual suspect at your Thanksgiving table (“Just here for the wine!”) or hosting at home, I have the perfect outfit for you!

Sweater Weather Mood Board

I’m not hating on the 60-70 degree weather we’ve been enjoying in Chicago as of late. However, being accustomed to dreary, chilly days has me missing my sweaters. So I made a mood board as an ode to these lovely woven masterpieces in hopes to slip into those cozy cables very soon!