Beach Needs ⛱

Now living just minutes away from a beach, not only has a new routine evolved, but so have my needs going to a place we used to pack in advance for! Long are the days of packed coolers, towels upon towels, several outfits–basically a doomsday kit for the beach– has turned into grab this bag … Continue Reading

Spring and Summer Basket Bags

Rattan, wicker, woven, macrame, straw and even bamboo bags are everything for Spring and Summer. Coming on to the scene last year, brands have really stepped up their game for this ‘it’ bag and I’ve rounded up several of my favorites to snag this season! 

From Summer to Fall: What to Wear Now

Invested in a ton of fab Summer wear and don’t know how to repurpose for Fall? I got you way covered. This season, with help from my partners at Polyvore, I’ve created specifically crafted edits that feature Summer’s hottest trends and how you can wear them for Fall (with those hottest trends as well!). A mix of perfection to … Continue Reading

Wild Flower

So long Summer! And Happy September! As the last look for this summery season, I have already fully embraced this transition. Time to layer on all the goodness of cooler Fall days… and this look is just the beginning of that!

Go Fourth

Before you say anything, yes. Yes, this was my outfit for the Fourth of July– great guess! However, at the time I was going to write about how versatile and summery these pieces were, so better late than never, right? 

Busy Bee

I love mixing neutral patters to create a more textured look. And on a cool summer day, this light sweater and flowy middy, its the perfect fit for day time meetings to al fresco cocktails. While I want to hold on to hot summer days, I couldn’t help but feel a little transitional in this … Continue Reading

The Full Ruffle

Oh the fun of ruffles. This season, there are so many ways to wear them! Off the shoulder dresses, wide sleeves (a trend in itself!), shorts, skirts and more. For my sake, lets start at the top where I’ve gathered my top three ways to wear ruffles for summer– and where you too, can get … Continue Reading

Inspiration From Mexico

Sunny, warm weather is upon us! That means it’s time to schedule pedicures, break out the sun block and move sundresses to the front of our closets. Our Spring Break trip to Cancun, Mexico was such a breath of fresh (ocean) air and inspired me to pack and play with bright florals, breezy and light … Continue Reading

DIY: Out Of Office Sun Hat

I’ve loved my wide-brim sun hat since my grandmother gave it to me two years ago, however a facelift was totally in order to make it more fun and playful. Since I saw the Eugenia Kim Do Not Disturb sun hat, I knew this would be the perfect way to breath new life into my favorite summer … Continue Reading