Thursday: Rest Workout

I made it! “Rest” Day. After barely being able to move for a few days, I still wanted to keep up with my routine and revisit the equipment I was longing for after Monday!

Wednesday: GRIT Cardio

Alright. It’s Wednesday and my legs hurt– a lot. After Yoga Sculpt I probably should have done a rest day today. But nonetheless, I persevered! Next up, GRIT Cardio.

The Best Ciders to Start Drinking Now

Fall is approaching(!) and during this time my mind shifts to the best way to take in the season. Besides all the fashion finds, cider comes into view and I immediately want to get my hands on the tastes of the season. I’m rounding up all my favorites to start sipping before the leaves start … Continue Reading

Unique, Hidden Treasures Found at HomeSoul

As the only home store in Lincoln Square, I was drawn to Homesoul‘s unique selection of interior accessories. While speaking with Dana Weed, owner of Homesoul, it was very clear she had a passion for interior design and the desire to create warm, inviting environments. The idea was born after pursuing an Interior Design degree at … Continue Reading

Tour The (Spice) World at Savory Spice Shop

When #ChefAdrian and I first moved to Lincoln Square, there was some major exploring that happened almost immediately. Once we hit The Square we were drawn to this little spice shop tucked neatly amongst other local shops. I, taken in by its simple branding and #ChefAdrian for it’s purpose, naturally. We were both amazed by the selection, knowledgeable and warm … Continue Reading