Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Just in time for Thanksgiving, #ChefAdrian *whipped* up the most delicious, decadent– but extremely light and fluffy– Sweet Potato Gnocchi. I knew these were gonna be good because when I asked, “have you made these before?” and the answer is “No.” it always turns out šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼.Ā 

Top Tasty + Beautiful Wines

I’m just gonna say that I judge a book by it’s cover. Why not? We have all become such visual beings that a bland cover could go unnoticed– regardless of it’s inside. That’s why I applaud these bottles for their amazingnessĀ inside and out. LookingĀ for a special someone: friend, boss, coworker to impress? Going to a … Continue Reading

Sweet Farmers Market Finds

One of my favorite weekend adventures is to stroll through local farmers markets— and Chicago has quite a few over the Summer! As we get into Fall, there is so much in season worth fighting the crowds to find like tomatoes, sweet corn and pretty much any stand you can find freshly made jam at.Ā 

Champagne Cocktails For Your Midnight Toast šŸ„‚

When the clock strikes midnight, grab your cocktail and toast to the next chapter. While there are so many reasons why 2016 could have been better for the world, I know 2017 can make a difference. A new year, new start, right? Here are some cocktail inspirations to keep the party flowing well into the … Continue Reading

#ChefAdrian’s French Onion Soup

It’s that time of the year! French Onion Soup Season! It’s not like you can have it any time, right? Just getting back from our annual anniversary trip to Montreal, we did have our fair share of French Onion Soup, which, while equally delicious, you know #ChefAdrian hasĀ the recipe forĀ theĀ best.Ā 

No-Bake Chocolate Chip Funfetti Fudge

Sundays are for lounging around in bed, coffee in hand, candles lit, maybe a good #Netflix loaded in the queue, but they are also for No-Bake Funfetti Fudge. One taste of these bad boys and they will go straight to the top of your Sunday lineup. The best part? TheĀ No-BakeĀ part. They are theĀ easiestĀ sweet treat I’ve … Continue Reading

Farmers Market Finds: Part II

After our Green City Market adventure, #ChefAdrian whipped up a very special dinner with all ingredients found from the farmers market (minus condiments, of course!). Some of the most delicious are featured here and can be used as a side or even a meal of small dishes to let your tastebuds explore the different flavors.Ā These … Continue Reading

Cherry Sprinkle Pop Tarts

I was extremely excited when this idea hit me. Growing up on all kinds of pop tarts, it dawned on me how easy it actually is to make your own! And when I mean easy, I mean leave #ChefAdrian out of this and turn on the oven!Ā Make them big or small, add multiple fillings and … Continue Reading

Summer Smash

I really wanted to get fancy one night and blow some friends out of the water with a crazy, cool summer cocktail. With so many recipes out there, I wanted something light, fresh and colorful to pair with some amazing farmers market finds we have harvested earlier that day.

A Spin Off P. F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps

Okay, they’re actuallyĀ betterĀ than the P. F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps. Here’s why: ground turkey meat. It adds so much more flavor, texture and boldness making it a more hearty dish = entree. It’s also pleasantly easy to make! Check out the recipe below and get to it.