Coffee Talk: An Interview with Dr. Danielle Jin, Optometrist

I’ve been talking about the harmful effects of blue light caused by overexposure to screens for quite some time now, but with recent studies surfacing almost weekly, I turned to my amazing friend and Optometrist, Dr. Danielle Jin for more reasons we all should be taking more serious precautions to help save our eyesight in this … Continue Reading

Coffee Talk: Kim Linhart, Professional Swim Instructor and Badass Mom

This is obviously a very biased Coffee Talk however, in honor of Mother’s Day I wanted nothing more than to share why my mother is so inspiring and truly an amazing woman. Her passion for children is like nothing I’ve ever seen and has turned her love for us and others into a fulfilling career … Continue Reading

Coffee Talk: An Interview With Jeannine Adams, Ready Pretty

The TMI Blog undoubtably features fashion as a way of expression, passion and ideas for all– from seasonal edits, to how-to-wear trends. But there is always a time when I look at my wardrobe for either a regular work day or a special occasion and the dreaded thought bubble blossoms: “I have nothing to wear”. Or, even more recently, how … Continue Reading

Coffee Talk: An Interview With Bri Santacaterina of Brink Creations

Alright, I’ll be completely honest here. Bri is one of my dearest friends and seeing her dive into a passion, bring it to life and love every second of it really inspired me to talk to her more about her start and growth owning her own Etsy shop (does everyone secretly wish they had one, … Continue Reading

Coffee Talk: An Interview With Laura Platt, Bright and Beautiful

When I first started blogging, I had so many questions on how to get started. What is a good platform? How do I distinguish myself amongst so many amazing, influential and inspiring bloggers out there? I luckily knew the perfect person to reach out to who has, after almost three years, established herself as a … Continue Reading