Thursday: Rest Workout

I made it! “Rest” Day. After barely being able to move for a few days, I still wanted to keep up with my routine and revisit the equipment I was longing for after Monday!

Wednesday: GRIT Cardio

Alright. It’s Wednesday and my legs hurt– a lot. After Yoga Sculpt I probably should have done a rest day today. But nonetheless, I persevered! Next up, GRIT Cardio.

Tuesday: Yoga Sculpt

Ever feel like you want more out if your normal Yoga class? I give you, Yoga Sculpt. Yoga Sculpt has a reputation for being a calorie-torching, high-intensity, high-energy workout — and it is! But how do you know if you’re ready to try a Yoga Sculpt class, and what are the benefits of adding this … Continue Reading

Monday: CXWORX

As a first timer, I did some serious research into what CXWORX was and what to expect. At 30 minutes, I felt I was able to commit and still feel challenged while getting a great workout– and that I did! I’ve always thought I’ve had a strong core and torso muscles, but this class put … Continue Reading

TMI Wellness Week!

I’ll be honest. This idea came to me last night after drinking several glasses of wine (after drinking several days this weekend) and feeling like I wasn’t making the right choices on intake (food + booze + everything in between) and less concerned on how it was effecting me now and long term. I know … Continue Reading