Sweet Farmers Market Finds

One of my favorite weekend adventures is to stroll through local farmers markets— and Chicago has quite a few over the Summer! As we get into Fall, there is so much in season worth fighting the crowds to find like tomatoes, sweet corn and pretty much any stand you can find freshly made jam at. 

#ChefAdrians Thanksgiving Sides

What’s Thanksgiving without the sides? Nothing. However, with #ChefAdrian’s repertoire of making so many delicious ones I’ve shared thus far, like this and this, you can’t go wrong right? Well, I’m adding just a few more to his arsenal.

Sweet + Spicy Shishito Peppers

Oh how I love this dish. Tangy, salty, sweet and a pop of heat! Perfect for an appetizer or snack, this dish as been popping up on menus alllll over the city!

#ChefAdrian’s French Onion Soup

It’s that time of the year! French Onion Soup Season! It’s not like you can have it any time, right? Just getting back from our annual anniversary trip to Montreal, we did have our fair share of French Onion Soup, which, while equally delicious, you know #ChefAdrian has the recipe for the best. 

TMI Scrapbook: Montreal, Canada

Our three year anniversary trip to Montreal was extremely educational, stunning and adventurous. Exploring Old Montreal was like stepping back in time– from the amazing architecture, cobblestone streets and quaint pockets of night life. Montreal has also become such a mecca for up-and-coming chefs where they are meshing contemporary and modern techniques with their northern … Continue Reading

TMI Travel Guide: Montreal, Canada

It’s my favorite week of the year! #ChefAdrian and I got married three short years ago (“Do you remember, the 21st night in September?”) and since our first year, have decided the best way to celebrate is to discover new lands together. Our annual anniversary trip is always my favorite trip of the year because … Continue Reading

Farmers Market Finds: Part II

After our Green City Market adventure, #ChefAdrian whipped up a very special dinner with all ingredients found from the farmers market (minus condiments, of course!). Some of the most delicious are featured here and can be used as a side or even a meal of small dishes to let your tastebuds explore the different flavors. These … Continue Reading

Sesame Crusted Tuna

It’s that time of the year when seafood is always a good decision. From crustaceans to white flaky fish, I’m always in the mood for something light and fresh.

TMI Links for The Week | 5.29.16

5/29/16  ♥ CHICAGO FARMERS MARKETS ♥ Your ultimate summer reading list! The dish that #ChefAdrian made that brought me to tears. A walking tour through River North that gives some of the best views of Chicago. Wana join a Rooftop Cinema Club with me? The best things to do this weekend. Some of my artistic collections … Continue Reading

The Dish That Made Me Cry: Lobster “Sob” Pasta

That’s right. I cried. Like a baby while eating #ChefAdrian’s amazing lobster and corn pasta. I’m not sure if it was the sauce, the wine, the fact that summer was right around the corner or that it tasted like pure Charleston, either way it was the best dish I had ever eaten to date. The best … Continue Reading