TMI Reflections: 2017 + A New Year Ahead

From “pink hair, don’t care”, to tons of travel, 2017 was a growing year, but I know it can only get better from here!

Throw Back To Fall

I think in 2016 we had the most amazing Fall in Chicago to date. It was lengthy, warm, beautiful– every single thing you want out of Fall came to life. That’s why I want to take a moment and throw it back to these beautiful beach days in Michigan when the leaves were burnt with … Continue Reading

The TMI Blog 2016 Highlight Reel

I can’t believe The TMI Blog is almost 1 year old! Looking back, It’s been such an amazing year filled with all new content featuring delicious recipes from #ChefAdrian, new business advise from inspiring #GirlBoss’s, my first year back in the shopping game, feeling confident and comfortable in my wife and dogmom skin and so much more!

Champagne Cocktails For Your Midnight Toast 🥂

When the clock strikes midnight, grab your cocktail and toast to the next chapter. While there are so many reasons why 2016 could have been better for the world, I know 2017 can make a difference. A new year, new start, right? Here are some cocktail inspirations to keep the party flowing well into the … Continue Reading

New Years Beauty with Estée Lauder

I’ve been hooked on Estee Lauder since getting my makeup done for my wedding in 2013. The trueness and quality is undoubtable and I’ve never applied foundation that matches my skin tone so perfectly (ashy and fair see-through). While it took some time for me to build up the perfect seasonal collection, there are still … Continue Reading