More like a life bucket list I came up with this Summer that really put into perspective the importance of what can make me/us happy.

Taking the Summer off from blogging to focus in on myself, life and work has been a mixture of bliss and full force anxiety. One thing that did come out of it was perspective on key pieces that create fulfillment, happiness and joy in my life. And if done consistently and routinely I’ve found it significantly changes my outlook on my day and future.

  • Never stop learning (a new word counts), traveling/exploring (a close neighborhood you’ve never been to counts), creating (memories without cellphones count) and exercising (taking the long way walking your dog counts).
  • Breaks are needed. But should never be permanent. This is where falling out a positive routine (like working out regularly), can happen quickly.
  • Say yes. Try something new or out-of-the-box, do something that scares you (even just a little), to apologizing first, taking a risk knowing you might fail and working. out. just. do. it.
  • Say no. To family (they will understand), to bad habits (don’t even put though to it), to extra, unnecessary screen time, to small impulse purchases and more skincare products (stick to what works!).
  • Work with your hands. Paint more (only when it rains counts), build something (indoor forts and sandcastles count), fix something (something always needs it), untangle your necklaces, shoelaces, wires and chords (I know we all have one of these!) plant a garden (indoor counts), throw pottery (Play-Doh counts) and sew something (patching up your clothes counts).
  • Wake up every morning deciding you’re in a good mood.

And if all else fails, check out Pinterest for some positive quotes if you need some extra lifting ☺️ Here are a few to get your positivity and happiness flowing!

Here’s to happiness,


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