What started as a Christmas gift, turned Valentine’s Day gift.. to well, probably a Spring time refresh, this Cleansing Kit is filled to the brim with the perfect DIYs for relaxing around the house! Actually, a lot of these DIYs coincidentally came together as I’ve been wanting to dabble in fresh starts in the beginning of the year. And they’re all so easy, why not?! This made the perfect gift for my friends but could be a perfect project for you too!

Some of these items may look familiar: *ehem* wildflower smudge stickrose petal mist and bubble bath aromatherapy blend DIYs I posted last month that I’m still loving! More ingredients included: my favorite hydrating face mask, the perfect scented Spring candle and essential oils for the ultimate relaxation.

If you’re looking for a special bridal shower, engagement party or even bachelorette– this gift idea totally screams those occasions!

What are some other ways you relax on a day off?