Welcome, April! Spring is finally here and I am just over the moon knowing full-time sun is coming our way. While it doesn’t happen right away here in Chicago (yes, still in the 30’s there, sigh), there is so much to look forward to! Along with Spring Cleaning, here are some other things I’m looking to stay proactive on this month. 

  • Breath of fresh air! Yes, I mean really enjoying breathing in new season air. The air is dewy and you can almost smell things growing around you.
  • Something very special (more details coming soon!)
  • High on my leisurely hobby list is: painting. I’ve been dying to pick up a brush again and have even been thinking about restarting a series I put on pause a few years back. More coming soon!
  • Home updates– in fact, I’m writing a post on the top 7 things you can do right now to welcome Spring into your home!
  • No drinkingYes you read that right. This is year two where #ChefAdrian and I take a month off of drinking alcohol. We will also be trying the Whole30 (light) again while still incorporating rice and some cheese, if we absolutely can’t avoid it!
  • New blooms! On top of plant shopping (its my favorite season to add more plants into the mix), I love watching the little buds sprout. If you’re in the Midwest, here is a list of blossoms you can expect:
  • The start of (some) local Farmers Markets.
  • Dining and cooking al fresco!
  • Locals starting to smile again (I’m totally serious about this!)
  • Very busy TMI Blog content calendar that includes: Tulum Scrapbook, Spring and Summer Bags, Spring Clothing Edit, New Food Posts and a Summer Book Guide!

What are some things you are looking forward to?