We’ve officially lived in Charleston, South Carolina for six months and I have no idea where the time has gone!

So much has changed— so quickly— it’s as if life is moving around us and I’m just trying to hold on. I guess that’s how it goes when you move to a new state, jumping in with two feet and not looking back.

I’ve come to appreciate so much about my relationship with Adrian, my parents, spending money, saving money, my career in Marketing (and the working culture in the South!), taking in clean ocean air and starting to make peace with my body and journey as an aging woman.

That’s a lot. Like, woah.

We didn’t just move, we’ve grown. Changed. Adapted. Evolved. Faced uncertainty, took risks and knew we had no idea what we were doing but knew it would all be okay in the end. And it is! While it’s not the end of our journey in the South, we’re starting a new chapter and I’m so excited for our new future. It’s as bright as the sun shines.

Charleston is such a special place and we are falling in love the more we explore so I thought I’d share some of the tidbits I’ve grown so fondly of!

  1. Postcards. One of my absolute favorite things about eating out is the postcards you get with the check. At most Charleston eateries, make sure to fill it out because the restaurant will send it out for you! Places like Wiki Wikipedia Sandbar, Stella’s, Obstant Daughter and Fleet Landing have the cutest designs to send to your loved ones!
  2. Golfcarts. Not just for the course! Driving around Charleston— on the street with regular car traffic— is as normal as it gets. Cruising around in one of those babies downtown gives me all the vacation vibes. Rentals and everywhere and some come included on rental properties!
  3. Puppies. Charleston is such a dog friendly city. So much so, we bring Sofie everywhere— beaches, restaurants and shopping. Nothing is better than our days spent with our little love.
  4. Island Hopping. Technically speaking, along the coast Charleston County is home to several islands connected inland by major bridges over marsh land. The best part? Each of the islands have their own unique personalities, vibes, restaurants and shops. Even the beaches look completely different! It’s said you find where you live based on the beach you’re most connected to!

We’re so excited for more opportunities to connect to this city and state in the coming years! It’s definietly starting to feel more and more like home every day.

Here’s to many more memories and favorite things!

// TMI