Mama Kim came in from Charleston for a week of fun in Chicago! It could not have come at a more perfect time to take full advantage of #SummertimeChi and I was so excited to spend time at home with her. Along with all the excitement, it’s also great to give the house a nice deep clean and put the finishing touches on our guest room. With all the preparation needed to put in place, I’ve gathered my pro tips together on how to plan for a houseguest (and pics of our guest room!).

Since we’ve updated our guest room it’s really only served as #ChefAdrian’s closet so I’m so excited to put it to great use this week! With time in Chicago, I’ve planned so much frolicking around town, dinners and museum stops. Along with planning a great week of activities, it was very important to get the house together, pick up groceries and ensure we’re ready to have someone stay with us for longer than a couple of days.

Below are my top tips for prepping for a houseguest!


I love doing a deep, scrubbing clean of the house and it’s even more important when you’re having company over. But truthfully, clean only what you really need to! If you’ve already cleaned some spaces, no need to repeat the hard work.

  1. My mom has always said, “If you have anyone over, at the very least, clean the bathroom”. And that is the perfect place to start.
  2. If you need to focus on laundry, make sure your guest space has clean linens, pillow cases, blankets and towels! Once you have that together, focus on your personal laundry needs.
  3. Sweep, dust and vacuum– it puts the finishing touch on your home.

Sleeping Arrangements

Everywhere I have stayed, the first question the next morning is “How did you sleep?”. It’s very important your guests sleep soundly and comfortably!

  1. Too many pillows is never a bad thing! Everyone has different comforts and its best to give your guest options.
  2. Same with pillows, blankets are important comfort and warmth. Always best to lay a few down because there is nothing worse than being too cold!
  3. We don’t have a full bed in our guest room, but that didn’t stop us from making sure our air mattress didn’t feel like one! With an inexpensive addition of a mattress cover or foam pad, it can make all the difference in the world.

Eat + Drink

Stocking up on groceries and planning meals actually takes a bit more work than you may think! With everyone’s different routines and tastes, it’s polite to ask what your guest prefers to eat and drink to make sure you’re fully stocked to make them comfortable.

  1. Stock up on more snacks and fruit more than you typically would. It will always come in handy!
  2. If you plan on having drinks, make sure to have different wines and booze available.
  3. It’s always a good idea to make meal or cocktail plans in advance, especially if they require reservations. Get a head start on that at least a week before your guest(s) arrive!

Welcome Décor

In addition to getting your place cleaned and ready, I always love to add simple, feel-at-home touches that will make any guest feel welcome.

  1. Place extra candles around for a feel, smell and look good ambiance. Warm, glowing light only helps create a calming space.
  2. A little welcome basket in your guest space that includes a face towel, their favorite snacks and a water bottle is my favorite thing a friend of ours did when we stayed over. Of course, I replicated that and personalized it with my moms favorite sweets!
  3. Do you have a super long WiFi network password like me? Help your guest stay connected by displaying your WiFi network name and password.
  4. If your guest is from out of town, a nice touch would be to include a local map, book or itinerary for their down time or to take home as a souvenir

I hope you can use these tips for your next out of town guests to make the most out of their stay!

Happy hosting,