Well, this year was a doozy.

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If we were going out and hitting the town for NYE this year, I know exactly what I would wear and what to consider first before it all comes together. If you are, here are some great options to stay warm, comfortable and totally stylish in!

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As a new Account Manager at TRIO, one thing I am particularly thrilled about, is working with and supporting a slew of amazing nonprofits throughout South Carolina. It’s incredible to see your work directly impact an organization for the better! That said, in the season of giving, I’ve rounded up all the charitable ways my family and I are lending a helping hand this Holiday. Continue Reading

‘Tis the season for taking advantage of all those amazing deals, sales and promotions online to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones! This post is no different– I’m so excited to share a Holiday deal with you from my amazing friends at Pixel. So– have you thought about giving your friends and family one of the best gifts that will keep on giving?

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The TMI Holiday Guide is here! It’s our first official Holiday season as Charlestonians and it’s been a whirlwind of emotions as we have a live tree again after three years, the home is decorated and it smells. like. Christmas. This season has a new meaning for us as it was this time, five years ago, when my family decided this was going to be our new home. This year, I’ve decided to go a little untraditional with my gift guide featuring the unsung, sometimes overlooked, smaller gifts–some with local, Charleston flare–under $20, $50 and $100 that are perfect for anyone on your list. Guys, girls, furry, young and old– these gifts are near and dear to me (with some help from #ChefAdrian, of course) and great for everyone!  Continue Reading

It’s that time of the year again (literally, again– where does the time go!?) and living in Charleston has given me a huge sense of community around all the small businesses in the city and surrounding areas. So, I only found it fitting to feature my favorite home and style shops really taking advantage of all those Small Business Saturday deals. Don’t live in Chucktown? No worries! I’ve rounded up the best sales to take advantage now and through this shopping week!

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I hate to say it, but the last time I wrote a post From The Kitchen featuring content from #ChefAdrian was in April of this year. I think we can all agree that is way to long to go without hearing from this mastermind (❤️). That said, with Thanksgiving this week I’ve picked his brain on a delicious side he made for us a couple of weeks ago that would be perfect for your table! Continue Reading

How is it Thanksgiving next week? I feel like we moved, Halloweened and now we’re giving thanks before I could blink. Time is moving way too quickly, but there is just too much to be thankful for this year, so in the spirit of playing catchup, I’m dressing up with one of my favorite prints for Fall.  Continue Reading

Cheers! #ChefAdrian, #SassySofie and I have officially been in Charleston for one month today! My oh my how time flies! This also means I’ve been at my new job for one month, #SassySofie and #FrankieTheFrenchie have been frolicking for 30 days and #ChefAdrian has made the most delicious meals almost every night. But what we’ve really taken advantage of is the amazing Happy Hour specials Charleston has in abundance– several more options than Chicago! Over our one month, we’ve discovered quite a few, so here’s to my first post as a Charlestonian featuring our favorites spots to sit and sip.

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I’ve been talking about the harmful effects of blue light caused by overexposure to screens for quite some time now, but with recent studies surfacing almost weekly, I turned to my amazing friend and Optometrist, Dr. Danielle Jin for more reasons we all should be taking more serious precautions to help save our eyesight in this digital age. From my Instagram post, I said I have the ultimate blogging tool– and I wasn’t joking. Computer glasses are 100% necessary for any blogger. But they go beyond just bloggers–they should be worn by everyone on their phone, computer and even watching TV for long lengths of time. Sound familiar? That’s because the general population spends about 10 hours in front of a screen in one day. Y’all this is not a drill, this is a PSA. Continue Reading