Ask and you shall receive! I got a lot of questions about owning a Fiat, so here we are! Sharing a Q&A along with my absolute favorite things about Italian Stallion.

Why a Fiat? If you have ever been to Charleston, you’ll know downtown streets are narrow and the parking spaces are even narrower. A smaller car just made sense moving to an older city not built for major traffic. Also, I don’t need a large car! As a returning driver (10 years!), it’s easy to manage and maneuver versus a longer, wider car.

Is it as small as it looks? Surprisingly, no! That’s the first comment everyone makes when they first get in. Because of how curved it is, there is plenty of head space throughout the car and in the back. It comfortable seats four passengers (both my parents have sat in the back!) and have even fit five (for short distances!). The trunk space is also deep and wide with plenty of room for groceries, moving boxes (recently tested!) and even small furniture.

Why black if it can get so hot in Charleston? I owned a white car in high school and with all the dirt, grime and road dust, black is so much easier to keep clean (or at least look like it does!). Also, #ChefAdrian has a black car and wanted to keep it in the family– something about a matching car family makes me happy! 🙂

Is it fast? I didn’t buy it for speed and don’t need a fast car by any means, but it is quicker than you think! The one thing I’m still getting used to is Sport Mode (not needed often!) but do wish the pick up was a tad quicker.

Why didn’t you get a convertible? I honestly wanted a convertible top! But thinking practically and taking some tips from drives down here, it’s just not worth it. It gets too muggy from the humidity and my hair would not have it! I can barley keep myself together with the windows open!

What are your favorite things about the car? The size really is the best part. I can’t parallel park to save my life, but with a smaller car it really isn’t a problem! It also gets cold and hot very fast which is so nice given the temperature can fluctuate pretty often in Charleston. Also, while this wasn’t on my must-have list, the horn is a legit. sounding. horn. No clown car sounds here!

Did you name it? Ah, yes. Charlie. Seemed fitting.

Thanks for all the questions and inquiries! Hope this helps if anyone is looking to get one for themselves!


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