For us, it’s all about the little things for Mother’s Day. I always like to get my mom something special that is useful or meaningful and I also always design or make a hand-made piece for her as well (since fifth grade, right!?). This year, I was very much inspired by the smaller shops in Chicago, whether it be the perfect potting or planting item or vintage pieces for her bar, I think she’d love all of these– and I hope your mom does too! Oh, and all are under $100.00!

Here are my top ten pieces that are straight from my Chicago heart to yours!

1. Bodum Chambord Copper French Press | My dad actually got me this for my birthday and I’ve seen my mom eyeing it ever since!

2. Pressed Glass Decorative Tumblers | We were strolling through Andersonville and I thought a vintage (looking) tumbler set would be a great addition to her bar.

3. DW Home Candles | With the release of their new Spring scents, you can definitely find the perfect fragrance for her home.

4. Wine Tote | IDK about your mom, but wine is the only reason my mom even goes to the store.

5. Hand Embosser | I’ve wanted to get this for her since our wedding– a great way to personalize hand-written letters!

6. Herb Garden Starter Kit | Get your mom started on an herb garden for summer!

7. Travel Jewelry Case | I can always rely on Mark and Graham to find the perfect travel accessory.

8. Personalized Gold Cuff | Isn’t this stunning? I could instantly see this on…well, anyone. I want it.

9. The Mindfulness Coloring Book | A good friend of mine gave this to me and I will be passing this along to my mom to fill her down time.

10. The Gurgle Pot | I see these all over Lincoln Square and not only do I think their beautiful, I love the meaning behind them!

I hope you enjoy spending time with all the moms in your life. And don’t forget, it’s not the gift that counts here, it’s the time and love you share on that day!