How is it Thanksgiving next week? I feel like we moved, Halloweened and now we’re giving thanks before I could blink. Time is moving way too quickly, but there is just too much to be thankful for this year, so in the spirit of playing catchup, I’m dressing up with one of my favorite prints for Fall.¬†

Moody florals. I just can’t get enough. But, to be completely honest, it sounds like an oxymoron given the negative notion of moody and positivity around flowers– nonetheless, a dark, almost Gothic moody floral can go along way this season while also bringing some cheerful, stunning pops of ruby colors to a sometimes dreary time of the year.

And the best way to wear them, in my opinion, is via a dress– whether it be cocktail, maxi or wrap in nature, bring on all the prints to set you apart from the sea of LBDs.

Also, can we talk about this Steve Madden 1990 belt? An oldie but a goodie– not referring to my age– I couldn’t help but buy a belt with my birth year on it. It’ll be vintage one day.

If you’re not convinced, I’ve pinned quite a bit over on The TMI Blog Pinterest page for all your moody floral inspiration– for all your outfit and tablescape needs this Holiday!


Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!