I think I have Shiny Object Syndrome. I’m constantly distracted to objects (let’s be real here– clothing) with either dainty details of sequins or full on globs of draped beading. This metallic skirt was definitely one of those cases. I was immediately drawn to the elegant pleats and the shine of the gunmetal grey. It was a must-have.



Pair this stunner with an off-the-shoulder top for an even edgier look and BAM! Super fun date night, girls night or work event outfit, ready to go!



Pulling this look together in a more Western theme was a complete accident and one I don’t typically love, but tapping into a look I’ve never worn before ended up being the best part!


Metallic Gunmetal Pleated Skirt (mine is sold out, similar here) // Navy Off-The-Shoulder Top // Double Buckle Western Waist + Hip Belt // 


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