When #ChefAdrian and I first moved to Lincoln Square, there was some major exploring that happened almost immediately. Once we hit The Square we were drawn to this little spice shop tucked neatly amongst other local shops. I, taken in by its simple branding and #ChefAdrian for it’s purpose, naturally. We were both amazed by the selection, knowledgeable and warm staff and the experience of being able to taste so many different spices from around the world.

Open since the Fall of 2011, Savory Spice Shop got their start in the heart of Lincoln Square 15 years ago by now-owner’s friends, Mike and Janet Johnson. Living just down the street and seeing opportunity within the area, they opened the shop. Also wanting to move out West, they found a great spot in Denver– a very similar area like Lincoln Square and have been opening stores all over the country ever since.

Carrying over 400 dried herbs and spices including 170+ unique hand-crafted spice blends, they carry everything from special Curry Powders to tasty BBQ rubs. Working on a new dish and have questions about a great spice blend to use? Their unbelievably knowledgeable spice merchants who love food–and to talk shop– can find you exactly what you need. Customers can also taste anything in the shop and buy in any quantity you need, as small as on-half ounce, which in my opinion makes a huge difference when you’re working with new spices you may not use again.

I must say, you could spend hours walking amongst the neatly arranged jars and with all senses inspired, Savory Spice Shop continues to be our go-to for expert advise, range of product and friendly, neighborhood staff who you’ll probably invite over for dinner.
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  • Chasing BBQ | A summer-long celebration of owner Mike Johnson’s roadtrip covering more than 5,000 miles through 14 states in order to make it to and through the 7 recognized regions of American BBQ. They’ll be smoking and grilling all summer long with tips and tricks, best spice blend features and the importance of great BBQ sides and desserts.
I highly recommend checking out Savory Spice for your next culinary adventure or to learn something new! And to keep up on their summer journey through BBQ, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
Happy cooking!