I wanted to take a little break from the normal broadcast to write a little bit more about what’s been happening in my life lately…it is called The TMI Blog, after all. 

Lately, I feel like I’ve gotten swept up on the trends and forgetting to interject a little more of the TMI humanity that originally brought me to blog in the first place. So here’s a little life update!

Surprise Anniversary Trip

#ChefAdrian surprised me with booking a trip to Galena, Illinois for our four year anniversary (OMG.). First, I can’t even believe it’s been four years– I feel like we just got married last week! However, we got married when I was 23– and that feels like forever ago. If you haven’t been to Galena, I highly recommend it. With a much higher elevation, the views are amazing, especially in the Fall and there is plenty to do. We strolled through downtown, hit up a wine tasting and he even got me to challenge one of my personal phobias– squished fruit. I know that sounds weird, but since college I’ve developed an odd phobia of unripe or squishy fruit. Just typing this is making me gag. So, what else to do than to enter a grape stopping contest? Let’s just say I got rip roaring drunk to even get close to the barrels (insert Grape Lady Newswoman yelps). Since I survived, I would say the highlight of the trip was dinner at Timmermans. The old-school American supper club sits perfectly on a hill with views of the Mississippi River with the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. Supper clubs have a special place in our hearts— and not to mention– I had the most delicious Grey Goose extra dirty martini I have ever hard. On our final day, we hiked The Mines of Spain that had several paths we took advantage of, another one of our favorite activities. With cannon and river views, this was a special way to end our trip, which I had nothing to do with for a change! Well done, A.

Painting For A Cause 

Work has been much more stressful than normal and as you know, I suffer from sever GAD anxiety which has only been heightened in recent weeks. That said, while I typically take my usual steps to resolve any episodes, something that has helped more than expected is watercolor painting. I’m actually writing a post right now about my range of work, since college, and work we have around our house– its my favorite hobby. That said, busting out some color on paper and pushing the water around has given me sense of calm I never recognized before. Plus, I’m always looking to refine my skills so it’s a total win-win. Looking forward to sharing a more personal post with you!

Upcoming Travel Plans

Wedding season is now behind us (at least for us!) which I’m so sad about– my two best friends got married in September and I brought all the emotions. Weddings are literally. my. favorite. and I always look forward to the dance floor with good friends and family. However, next weekend we’re heading to Madison, Wisconsin with friends to cheer on the Badgers and hang out at all the cool spots downtown so I’m really looking forward to getting out of the city. And since we didn’t have sports at my college (yes, really), I’m always down to adopt university spirt as my own! Looking even further ahead, we’re heading down to Charleston, South Carolina for the holidays and spending a whole two weeks in southern sunshine. I know you know I’m totally stoked for that trip! Winter down there is like your perfect 70 degree day and I can not be more excited.

A Fabulously Fun February 

Already in the midst of planning 2018 events, I have a couple of special ones I’m really looking forward to– and will be sharing much more about them soon!. One of which, is my golden birthday! I feel very lucky to celebrate such a special birthday in my 20’s and eight just happens to be my favorite/lucky number so feeling all kinds of fun vibes for a that night! And you know it will be themed but that is being kept secret until next year 🙂 Another trip we’re planning is a ski trip to Park City, Utah. It’s been a minute (more like 10) since I’ve skied but really looking forward to getting back into it and discovering the slopes– it style. More plans in 2018 will really center around trips back down to Chucktown as we start to prepare for our big move! We’ve started to plan our new life down there along with putting some serious funds aside for the journey. I’ll be putting together a special guide for all those activities that include check lists, how-to’s and all you need to know for moving to a new state. This is going to be a huge change for us to say the least but looking forward to living in the same state as my family.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for humoring a more personal post, but I hope you got a better feel for who I am and what’s going on in my life. Have questions, comments or recommendations to share? Leave me a comment below for feel free to stop by The TMI Blog via Facebook or Instagram for a DM.

Talk soon,