I am so excited to announce my partnership with Pixel Eyewear! As the majority of Americans spend up to 7.4 hours a day on average staring at digital screens, I was certainly feeling the strain on my eyes— from all-day computer screen time, freelancing at night, phones and TV— it was taking a toll on my sleep, quality of vision and I would end my day with horrible headaches. I was recently introduced to Pixel Eyewear, glasses that reflect harmful blue light that all our digital products project. They provide the most protection and comfort for eyes and I am completely obsessed with them!

Not to mention, the array of stunning, sleek styles, I went with the Capra design which has a beautiful tortoise frame that compliments my face and my outfits.

If you too are suffering from over exposure to blue light, I highly recommend a pair as your assistance to relief! I wear mine everyday and all my symptoms have gone away– as well as many of my coworkers!

Right now, you can get a discount with your first purchase using my coupon code, TMI5 so there is no reason not to order!

Head on over to pixeleyewear.com for more background 0r checkout the variety of articles on eye strain and how to better protect your eyes for years to come!


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