Most of my recent earring selections have gravitated toward some form of the classic gold hoop, but in a much more elevated way giving way to a whole new variety of statement pieces. What is it about a round, gold earring that makes any look more sophisticated?

Since my recent obsession started, I’ve definitely gathered my fair share of different dangles. Whether I’m looking to make a statement (“hey, eyes up here!”) or just looking for a classic pair to wear with my white t-shirt, you really can’t go wrong with a solid gold hoop. In fact, the gold hoop earring has been a powerful symbol in numerous cultures throughout history for a very long time. The oldest earrings archeologists have discovered belong to Sumerian women who lived in 2500 BC, and favored the now classic, gold hoop style.

Don’t believe me? Check out this collection of these seriously amazing gold numbers that can be worn in so many ways.

Put a stamp on your place in history (and present day) get your pair of amazing stunners to keep all your outfits fresh.



Shine on!