We are in full blown Spring and as I sit here, rain falling, Spring cleaning complete– I can’t help but want to move on to small updates in our apartment to bring the green inside. Freshening up and removing heavy fabrics, furniture pieces and decluttering with updated organizers will get our place feeling more clean and connected to the outdoors. Feel the same? Check out my tips I’m implementing at home and the pieces to shop so you can feel the fresh too!

1. Mirrors

My mom actually taught me that handing mirrors near windows and in smaller spots in the house makes the space feel larger. Well, it also bounces light and adds more brightness to those rooms as well! Opt for a larger standing mirror or horizontal mirror near windows to open your space and bring more light in.

Pro tip: Take a long, vertical mirror and hang it horizontally in a hallway to add some extra space and visual effect.

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2. Plants

Seems like an obvious update for Spring, but welcoming any blooming greenery can actually increase the health of your space and your mood! Houseplants also provide texture and color to your interior or take up awkward spaces that don’t always work for furniture.

Pro tip: No space for floor plants? Pesty pets too close for stands? Try handing plants from your ceiling or your wall with trendy macramé or rope woven plant hangers.

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3. Wicker Chairs

Midcentury Modern furniture and decor is still going strong, but wicker and rattan chairs are also making quite a statement these days. What I love about them for Spring and Summer is you can see through the light, woven details so any piece can easily blend into your esthetic– versus heavy, dark pieces that can weigh down a space.

Pro tip: Search for outdoor chairs to bring indoors. They tend to be made more durable so they last longer! Add a comfy throw pillow for the win.

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4. Boho Throw Pillow

Maybe a more unlikely thought for a Spring update, but I think this is the most fun! There are so many options out there for throw pillows, but my favorite Spring look for couches and chairs includes a subtle nod to boho vibes with thick thread, tassels and fringe.

Pro tip: Neutral colors with a whole lot of texture is the perfect way to make a statement.

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5. Basket Organizers

Scrap the boxes and plastic containers! Replace your standard organizers with decorative baskets that look great and are perfect for storing your every day items. The beauty of these baskets is that they don’t look like an organizing tool, rather a happy decorating accident. Basically anything looks great it a basket.

Pro tip: By anything looks good in a basket, so do your new plants! I’m so obsessed with this idea, all our larger plants have a happy wicker home

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6. Candles

Candles can make all the difference when a new season hits and it’s probably the most consistent thing I change out in our apartment. We also go through them so quickly it’s always perfect timing! I also love all the new designs and colors brands come out with– decor and great scents, what a perfect blend!

Pro tip: Find your favorite scent and scatter them throughout your home and open the windows. It’s the best.

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7. Tall Blooming Branches

Flowers become a staple on our dining room and coffee tables in Spring and Summer. But there’s something about the height of tall flowering branches that make such a statement with their height and earthiness that really bring the room to life.

Pro tip: tall branches don’t always need tall vases, but the perfect vase makes all the difference.

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8. Sheer Curtains

Updating your curtains to let more light in makes such a difference! Removing heavy fabric and adding light, white sheer curtains is such an easy and inexpensive way to update any room for Spring.

Pro tip: Make sure to update curtain rods to match white sheer curtains and hang them a couple of feet higher than the in window to make the space look larger.

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I’m so glad Spring is here–sunshine, rain and all the fresh scents. I’m already full speed ahead on all these updates and hope you found some good ideas too!