A week from Thanksgiving and feeling extra warm and fuzzy (not just because we now have a wood burning fireplace!) but because it’s the best feeling that comes with the Holiday season. Feeling grateful, thankful and all the love. Sharing a few things I’m thankful for this year, and ever day.

♥︎ Our first home that I love coming home to every. day.

♥︎ My rockstar husband who I couldn’t live without.

♥︎ #SassySofie for staying the sassiest of all.

♥︎ My crazy family now spread all over the country.

♥︎ Friends all over the world.

♥︎ Having two states I can call home.

♥︎ My health and having access to care that allows me to feel that way.

♥︎ Knowing how it feels to work towards something you really want.

♥︎ My education, for which I would not have a career I love.

♥︎ Knowing who I am and not apologizing for it.

♥︎ Being able to learn something every day.

♥︎ All five senses.

♥︎ Cereal.

//TMI ♥︎