Invested in a ton of fab Summer wear and don’t know how to repurpose for Fall? I got you way covered. This season, with help from my partners at Polyvore, I’ve created specifically crafted edits that feature Summer’s hottest trends and how you can wear them for Fall (with those hottest trends as well!). A mix of perfection to wear right this second.

1. Off-the-shoulder tops were everywhere (and still are!) but as we get into cooler months, here’s how to keep it fresh for Fall.

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2. Rompers are literally my favorite for Summer. Just put it on and go! Here’s how to spruce it up to stay warmer.

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3. Short denim skirts were everywhere but heres how to update so you’re not showing all leg!

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4. I wore a ton of vintage or band tee‘s this Summer. They are great beach or pool cover ups. Here’s how to give it some edge for date night.

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5. A floral maxi dress is a closet and Summer staple. But with those delicate prints, adding some edge and structure is just the key for Fall.

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6. Silk anything was all you needed for hot, sticky days. But a silk dress can go a long way for layering this season.

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7. Body suits are like Rompers– so easy! Using this as a foundation for any Fall outfit will do wonders. Pro tip: try your one-piece bathing suit for extra style points!

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Who else is ready for Fall!? Now that you know what to wear– the sky is the limit!