Friyay! Made it. I’ve been waiting to get into the studio for Cardio Jam. While I’m not unfamiliar with it, it’s a great way to shake off the stress of the week and get to dancing. Similar to Zumba, Cardio Jam is more hip-hop and modern, which is why I love it so much!

What is Body Jam?

Body Jam is a mixture of dance and aerobics moves blended with the latest sounds of hip hop, funk, and Latin American music.  Apart from making you sweat, fun is another important element in the 1-hour class. I realized that what is more important is to release yourself and enjoy the moves in the music. Therefore, not to be confused by the jargons of Body Jam dance moves – double back turn, moon run, jive kick, rip it, grab and drop, tweeter turn, jump turn and krump club routine.

What can you expect?

Body Jam comes with some serious attitude and instructors who love what they’re teaching. Also, similar to Zumba, repetition is emphasized creating an overall choreographed dance in the end– so there is no need to feel stressed about missing a beat! Overall, no dance experience is necessary, just bring an open mind and get ready to sweat.

A few tips

  • You will sweat a lot! So, bring a water bottle and towel (if not provided)
  • Wear something loose and comfortable for maximum movement.
  • Go for shoes which allow you to twist and turn comfortably.
  • Focus on the steps first. Once you master the move then you can follow upper part body moves.
  • Before you join the class, ask around to make sure the instructor is good. Otherwise, it will really spoil the fun. It is the instructor who makes the difference.

And there you have it! A full week of crazy, intense classes ending on a super high-engery note! I’m not doing this again, but so glad I got to try a range of classes and let everyone know what to try!

Thanks for reading!