I’m a huge candle buff. Not only does the scent change any bad mood, there is something so special and energizing about the dancing light from each wick. And I would definitely drop some serious cash on any large, long-lasting candle but I will tell you my friends, there is just no need when DW Home Candles line the shelves at any Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Perfectly crafted, beautifully designed and seriously scented, it was only until recently I discovered that every single candle in our home is a DW brand (don’t let their stunningly sly designs fool you!). The best part? You can find almost all under $10.

Here are five of my favorite picks for Spring.

1. Sea Glass, Siren Line

Brilliant marines with fresh aquatic greens and a burst of tropical fruit warmed by rich amber and warmed driftwood.


2. Peony Petals, Signature Line

Sparkling sunny blend of dew covered peony illuminated by crisp notes of garden rose, sugared fresia and bright marigold.


3. Lemongrass and Basil, Refined Line

Brilliant notes of sparkling lemon zest and tangy lime gleam with fresh picked basil and sweet sage amid cool eucalyptus amber lemon grass and sprinkles of golden clove.


4. Indigo Ocean, New Radiant Line

Mossy marines and citrus zest combine with verdant greens, aquatic florals and smooth oak.


5. Mandarin Champagne, Kind Wine Line

Sunkist mandarin, vivid orange blossom with nuances of aromatic vetiver, glowing amber, and sensual musk.


All images and fragrance descriptions from DW Home Candles.

Enjoy these lovely scents while they last!