I’m actually shocked I’ve never made this before. After receiving some beautiful yellow and pink blended roses, I decided to experiment with making rose water from their wilting petals. Given, this was around Christmas time and I was still deciding on the perfect gifts for my friends– this turned into a whole gift idea… (stay tuned for that post!). Anyway, rose water is very easy to make and has a crazy slue of health benefits besides it smelling absolutely amazing.


  • 2 Roses (fully bloomed is best)
    • Note, if you want a light pink color, use all red roses. The yellow-pink ones will give you a more dusty, yellow tint.
  • Large bowl
  • Large pot with water (however much water you put in the pot is as much rose water you’ll have)
  • Strainer
  • Pitcher or larger bowl for storage
  • Small spray bottle or mister


  • Pluck as many large petals off the stem of each rose
  • Place collected petals into the large bowl of water
  • Turn on the stove and put it on medium heat
  • Place lid on top
  • Remove from heat when water comes to a boil
  • Let the petals steep for a few minutes until water cools
  • Strain the water into your storage container
  • Place in small mister for air freshness!

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Happy misting!


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