I’ve loved my wide-brim sun hat since my grandmother gave it to me two years ago, however a facelift was totally in order to make it more fun and playful. Since I saw the Eugenia Kim Do Not Disturb sun hat, I knew this would be the perfect way to breath new life into my favorite summer accessory!

While you can make this your own, I decided to go with a medium-sized black and white ribbon for the band and thin black sequin ribbon for the brim, found at any local craft store.

Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial to update your sun hat.


  • 1 wide-brim, straw sun hat // options I love, you can find here: Yellow 108, Belladonna or Nine West
  • 1 spool of 1.5-inch ribbon // the one I used can be found here: Black Taffy Stripe
  • 1 spool of black strung sequins // thin is best, found here: Regalia Sequin Ribbon
  • 1 hot glue gun and 2 sticks of glue// adhesives: use what you’re comfortable with, but I found a hot glue gun is the easiest (and fastest!) way to get the job done


  1. Start with your ribbon of choice and glue an end to the band of the hat.
  2. Dab small amounts of hot glue one inch apart and apply the ribbon as you go (Note: the glue dries fast so you’ll need to work quickly!).
  3. Continue gluing your ribbon around the band until you’ve reached the other end.
  4. Fold the other end so you have a clean edge. Glue in place. (Tip: another way to get a clean edge is to hold the end to a flame and the plastic should melt just enough so you don’t have frayed edges.)
  5. Moving to the sequin ribbon, your best application technique is to spell out what you want to say first so you know how much ribbon you’re going to use. Some examples of summer sayings you could try are: “Out of Office”, “Do Not Disturb”, “Fun In The Sun” or “Beach Bum”.
  6. For best results, glue each word with your hot glue gun first, then apply the sequin ribbon as you go.
  7. Dont worry about it looking perfect– that’s what I love most about mine!

Have fun!