This is obviously a very biased Coffee Talk however, in honor of Mother’s Day I wanted nothing more than to share why my mother is so inspiring and truly an amazing woman. Her passion for children is like nothing I’ve ever seen and has turned her love for us and others into a fulfilling career as a Swim Instructor. This edition Coffee Talk is very near and dear to my heart, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

1. How long have you worked with kids? I have worked with kids for 40 years; since I was a Junior in high school. We had a program called Child Care Occupations which gave us the opportunity to learn about child development while teaching preschool in-house. The following year we interned at different centers within the community as part of a work/study program. 
2. When did you know that you wanted to work with kids as a career?
At the age of 14 years I knew I wanted to be involved with children in some way. I was studying art and I thought that if I could blend my two passions for teaching and creativity? I would be very happy. Teaching young people involves a tremendous amount of creativity and I found that very interesting. 
3. What has teaching kids taught you as a person? As an adult?
I have learned appreciation. I know that we all come into this world with the innate ability to create. With that, we can empower ourselves to be apart of something personally extraordinary. I am grateful to have the privilege to be able to impact the lives of children using this gift. Every engagement with a student revives my interest, rekindles my passion and reinforces my gratitude to be a part of their lives as learners.

4. What do you think is the most challenging about teaching and caring for children (of all ages)? The most challenging thing about teaching and caring for kids is their unpredictability. Being ready and able to shift gears mentally and or physically at any moment proves to be the most difficult for me. Sometimes, as it can make any situation more interesting, it can also, simultaneously, make it more energy depleting.
5. What is the most rewarding? Honest. To. God., Bottom. Line., Hands. Down., love and trust!

6. What do you wish more people/adults/parents knew? I wish more parents had a better understanding of child development. My mom used to say that it should be a requirement for all high school students to take parenting courses which would include child development. I think the necessity of understanding how a child develops cognitively, socially, physically and emotionally helps bring not only insight but perspective to the development of a child and their readiness to take on challenges.

7. Why are swim classes so important (besides the fact that it can be for survival)? Swimming is such a well rounded sport. Swimming skills give students opportunities to play, compete and be healthy. Learning to swim also helps to build character by building confidence. A good instructor can facilitate learning by using a child’s natural curiosity of water and present them with well managed challenges. As long as a child feels safe and is having fun they will feel free explore and take on new challenges.
8. If you weren’t a swim instructor, what would you do? If I weren’t a swim instructor I would be an educator of some sort or a therapist of some sort involving children.
9. What do you want other Moms to know on Mothers Day? I feel blessed to be a mom. I have more emotionally than I ever thought I would or could have because of my kids. I feel complete. Thanks Taylor and Trace!

Full of knowledge, life and THE best hugs, we are so lucky to have an amazing mom who is always smiling, always down to have a great time and just lights up my life. While my parents prepare to move to South Carolina, distance can never keep our family too far apart.

Happy Mother’s Day,


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