“April showers bring May flowers”, amirite?

This month, I wanted to interview a very special person whom I admire and look up to for her go-getter attitude and for taking a huge leap into the unknown, coming up on top and loving every step of the way– who could not love a women who has taken the right steps towards everyday happiness? It’s truly inspiring. Meet Malori Maeva, the beautiful maiden behind Hoot & Holler floral design and Oh Hell Yes marketing company.

So you are a straight shooting #ladyboss. Can you explain how Hoot and Holler came to be? The beginning of Hoot & Holler was an experiment in finding joy outside of my mundane 9-5 job. I was working for a local restaurant group as an admin assistant when I found out that the fresh flower arrangements in the restaurants were done in house. I asked to shadow the guy that did them and immediately fell in love with the process. I’ve always wanted to work for myself so I started Hoot & Holler in my spare time and left my day job when I realized I could support myself with floral.

AND you run Oh Hell Yes? I do!! I have a huge passion for helping small businesses up their game in terms of marketing and branding. My background before my floral life was in marketing and I’ve been so grateful to bring that skillset into my own business. When I realized that not everyone has that foundation, I knew I needed to help. So many people have great products or services that ultimately fail because they lack basic business and marketing skills. Oh Hell Yes is all about fixing that.

What is the most challenging part of running these two businesses? My biggest struggle right now is time management. Balancing both of the businesses is incredibly rewarding but the tricky part is finding time to give quality attention to all my clients in both worlds. I’m finding my groove but it’s definitely been a process.

What is the most rewarding? I can honestly say that I love everything I do. I have a huge passion for helping people start businesses and chase their dreams so I get to encourage and guide other business owners to kick ass with Oh Hell Yes. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s nothing like turning on some good music and just getting lost in your own creativity. I get to do that with Hoot & Holler.

In January, you wrote a blog post entitled “You Should Quit”. What inspired that? People often get stuck in the “should” of life and neglect what they actually want to be doing. I hear it all the time: “I should work at this job I hate until I have 5 years of experience so I can find something new” or “I know I should be doing e-books” or “I know I should be married by now”. Life isn’t this straight path with required milestones and the real movers and shakers in the world tend to skip those “should”s. I wanted to give people the permission they think they need to say no to opportunities that don’t speak to their big picture. If it isn’t something that is completely necessary or something that is feeding your soul, it’s just not worth it.

What are some help resources you use being a small business owner? Right now I’m huge on podcasts. I listen to Being Boss and Art of Charm pretty religiously. I’ve also found that being part of networking Facebook groups can be a great way to get support from other business owners and to be active in the small business community. Aside from that, I love to read business and marketing books. However, there is no better resource than someone in your own industry who is farther ahead in his/her career. I’m lucky to be friends with my biggest floral competitors both here in Phoenix and in Chicago. There is plenty of business to go around so I love the idea of implementing shine theory into my business (I don’t shine if you don’t shine).

What are some tips for young professionals who are looking for start their own small businesses? Just start it. A lot of people get hung up on having everything be perfect before they start but the reality is that your business is never going to be perfect. If you can apprentice with someone in your industry before you go out on your own, that’s hugely helpful but experience isn’t always necessary. Don’t get hung up on the “right” way to do things. Just be respectful, do quality work that you are proud of, and never forget that your clients and customers are the reason you are where you are.

What’s your favorite flower? I can’t pick just one! I love peonies, anemone, thistle, and bearded iris.

What’s your favorite marking buzzword? I’d have to say “Quality Content”. I use it way too often but I also really believe in it.

What’s next for H&H + OHY? What are some goals your setting to get there? This year I’ve decided to focus 100% on weddings and events for Hoot & Holler. My goal is to book 25 weddings in 2016 (I’ve got 14 on the calendar so far). I love wedding work and I want to put a lot of focus into nurturing that aspect of the business. For Oh Hell Yes, this is the year of becoming established and spreading the word. I want to blog quality content and actionable advice at least once per week. I’m also working on creating a guide for people who are ready to make the leap into small business ownership that will walk through the basic steps of setting your new brand up for success.

What did I tell you? Incredible, right?! I think yes. You can find/follow Malori over the internet. To get in on the advice and motivation she offers with Oh Hell Yes, check out the site www.ohhellyes.co. You can see her floral work at www.hootandholler.co and find both businesses on instagram at @ohhellyesco and @hootandholler respectively.