We are officially on the prowl– for a coffee table. And the reason I think it merits it’s own blog post is because it will be the first furniture purchase #ChefAdrian and I will be making together. You read that right. After seven years of living together we are finally in need of a beautiful new coffee table.

Long story short, all our furniture from prior lives has always fit together nicely! There was never a reason to discard anything since it always worked for our eclectic styles– which is why I love it so much. But long last, after three ill-fitted IKEA tables and three coats of suburban mustard spray paint, I am (very) happy to replace our living room centerpiece with some styles I’ve curated below!

Definitely love the look of Midcentury Modern, but that’s not a total requirement. Some qualities we are looking for include:

  1. Obviously, round for two reasons: 1) I hit my legs on the corners of coffee tables all the time. I’m like a 5 year old and need adult-proof edges 2) I like the unifying, calmness of a round table and it would be nice to play with different styling elements on a single flat surface (versus the three tables we have pushed together currently…).
  2. Make a bit more of a statement than just being a table in the center of the room. Something with texture, a pop of color or an industrial piece to make it stand out.
  3. Neutral or wood coloring has to take up the majority of the piece. Again, we have mustard yellow tables right now and need to step it up a notch in the quality department.
  4. Legs are a nice to have, but could be persuaded otherwise! Nothing heavy, and clunky, please.
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Im sure there will be much more to come as our hunt continues! Follow along with some of my favorite images I’ve been pinning lately over on The TMI Blog Pinterest page.